With the up coming release of the new 3.0 firmware there are many rumors that there will also be a new phone to debut it on. This iPhone being called the “4G” iPhone but no one really knows 4G means. Well LTE might be just that. It is the next step for the GSM network but Verizon is CDMA based and Apple does not want to design a totally new phone for that base as most customers come from GSM based networks. But LTE just might be the jump needed to pull AT&T’s fingers off the tight grip they have on the iPhone .

     AT&T has been busy buying up shares in this market. Buying C and B blocks which will give AT&T 100% coverage in the top 200 market which equates to 87% coverage in the US. AT&T will try to roll this project out around 2012 which is the same time they loose exclusive right to the iPhone. This might be their way of pulling in more customers to buy an iPhone through AT&T. While Sprint will be going with an XOHM network. Wimax will be the major back bone of their network which seems to be a fusion of Wifi and cellular data.

     But what ever the case I’m sure the iPhone will be major contender no matter what network or carrier it is on. The power of the iPhone can’t be ignored. It was the phone that started this age of super computers in your pocket. Even if it does not come out on top we must pay homage to it for what it has started.