Remember when we talked about the new iPhone OS and some “hidden” features relating to some sort of video-editing app for the iPhone?

     Well, this might turn out to be false [but lets hope I’m wrong], I was fooling around with some really cool new features on 3.0 and I did a silly recording of myself to see how the “Voice Memos” app works. I found there was an editing feature on it that acted pretty much like the future “iMovie”.

Here’s what I found:

As you can see, it uses exactly the same colors/shape as the one [not yet]used on the “iMovie” app.

The same picture but with a time drawer.

This one shows the slider for editing.

     If you saw the file names, you would have seen that the title started as “UIMovie” and only has one “line” apposed to three here. Is Apple playing a little with iPhone[OS]-fansites or is it really going to be what we all think…

     To find out, we invite you to follow the coverage of the iPhone 3.0 OS during Apple’s WWDC Conference which will be held during the week of the 8th June like last year’s [and the year before].