A few days ago I was contacted by a representative for CNN.com in regards to doing an interview on iPhone moisture problems and the difficulty with using it while wearing gloves.  I agreed to the interview and it was posted today!

     Unfortunately I was only quoted once or twice, but we did make it to the front of the tech section on CNN.com, and I was referenced.  Just as a brief synopsis of the article, it states that some iPhone users have been having problems with the moisture sensor going off when the device has not been wet.  However this is a largely known problem that people need to be aware of so CNN.com decided to do a story on it.  People don’t understand that there can still be damage to the device from ambient condensation and it will cause the moisture sensor to go off.

     I also advised the person who interviewed me that although you could not use normal gloves with the iPhone you could buy specially made gloves that had sensor points on the fore finger and the thumb to allow easier use.  To my suprise that quote never made it to the article…

     I will let you read through the article to find out the rest of what was said. You can go to CNN.com and on the tech section it is posted there or just follow this link.