iEggs is a touch screen interface game made by Permeative Technologies Pvt Ltd. The application is available for sale on the App Store for no cost at all. During the week of Easter, the game has been lowered from its normal $3.99, to free. Hurry because this offer ends today, so make sure you get it before midnight. This is a perfect way to spend your Easter if you have nothing better to do. Try it, it just may be worth it because if you get into their top 5 list for global high scores, you can choose your pick of any of their paid applications and redeem them for free.

      The objective of the game is to get as many of your ten eggs, from the ground, all the way up to the top by making it leap from bird basket to bird basket. iEggs also has nice artistic forest backgrounds. In the beginning, the game seems dull and boring because of its simplistic goal. However during gameplay, every successful advance becomes a more and more suspenseful challenge. Background music unfortunately is a repetitive loop of bird chirps and sounds of the jungle. When your egg lands on the next basket, it sounds similar to the sound a trampoline makes when you jump on it. Eventually, after a long period of time, you will be so focused in the game that you will feel like you really are in the forest.

     Personally, it was easier playing landscape mode (although the game doesn’t move sideways) because it’s easier to line up the eggs and go to next bird. I also wouldn’t put the iPhone/iPod right in front of your face, try to put it 6-10 inches in front of you.


  • The objective of the game is to take the eggs from the ground to the nest which is there on the top of the tree.
  • There are birds flying at different height levels carrying baskets.
  • Tap on the screen to make the egg jump to the next level basket carried by another bird.
  • Difficulty increases with each egg.
  • You can make more score by taking the egg up faster.


  • Background Music on/off toggle
  • Sound Effects on/off
  • Background Volume slider

Top 5 High Score Leaderboard (2:00 PM EST):

Permeative Technologies Pvt Ltd Paid Application List:

1. Time-Shift Radio
2. Romantic greetings
3. India Radio
4. Peg Solitaire
5. Beleaguered Castle
6. News Radio Pro
7. ClearIt
8. LinkIt

     Getting more personal I would like to wish everybody a Happy Easter! Stay close with the ones who are most dearest to you (boyfriend/girlfriend/friends/family/fiance/etc). Go to the movies, hangout, BBQ, vacation, swim, or whatever, and most importantly remember to have fun! Smiley