We have all seen several videos of an unknown iPhone with a camera on the front of it that we think is for visual conversation purposes. While the back camera that we currently use is a rather annoying 2 megapixels. But DigiTimes is certain that Apple is ordering 3.2 AND 5 megapixel cameras for upcoming products.

     I personally think that Apple will use the 5 megapixel camera for the back and the 3.2 for an upcoming front camera. This update would make people much happier, especially if it had a decent quality lens.

     The camera would go from 2 megapixels to 5 megapixels, which would be a 250% increase in its picture quality. Keep in mind that we’re at least 99% sure that the new iPhone will be out in June with video capabilities. It will allow us to record videos as our previous proof stated, due to the 3.0 beta and the “Publish Video” [to MobileMe] feature.