The next generation iPod touch(3G), and most likely the next generation iPhone(4G), will support low-power 802.11n networks by adding a new chip that iPhone OS 3.0 will support.

     The current version of the Broadcom chip that supports WiFi and Bluetooth in the iPhone is BCM4325, and according to resources the new chip that is reserved for a third generation iPod touch is the BCM4329. This chip will add support for 802.11n features, one of which is the ability to find and join 5GHz networks.

     Some more features with the next gen iPod touch and iPhone models is that the devices will have additional network speed and reception range. This will happen by channel bonding(using up to two channels at the same time to double the reception speed) and MIMO, the ability to use multiple antennas to improve reception range and speed.

     This nice new little component should dramatically increase the speed of WiFi as AT&T and other UMTS mobile providers also upgrade their 3G networks to take advantage of the improvements in 3G speed capacity that is expected in the new iPhone.

     Now, lets talk about the new video features. As you may know, the 3.0 beta supports MMSs. But now our friends over at (translation) found proof for a future film editing app.


     Video editing and a 5 megapixel camera would make more people think twice when they’re going to change phones, but an actual video editing app for a mobile phone would make the iPhone light years in-front of other so called phones that  people compare to it.