The iPhone 3G is coming out in France! The French operator “SFR” is going to release the world-famous phone from Apple Inc. on Wednesday. Plans range from €41.90 to €73.90 ($USD 56.50 to $USD 100). SFR wants to stick out from the [ex-]exclusive operator Orange (the mobile operator of the national home phone operator “France Telecom”) by offering the best connection possible. The maximum connection under the new operator will be 7.2 MBPS down while Orange limits the connection at 800 KBPS and seems rather proud of it. Another pro for the operator will be the “iPhone Option”, it will allow you to keep your current cell phone plan but have unlimited internet, email access, watch TV (using their App Store app), SFR Wi-Fi (use people’s Wi-Fi routers as hotspots from the “neufbox de SFR”) and the Visual Voice Mail (wont be up on release day). That option costs 8€ a month for “Illimythics 3G+” users and 15€ for other plans.