The 3.0 beta 2 just came out! What does this new beta mean for us iPhone users? Well, firstly, many bug fixes, and a few more eye-popping features, including having 11 pages of apps instead of 9 which brings up the total to 180 apps. The Wi-Fi signal intensity has been drastically lowered, I used to get about a good double-dozen SSIDs (Wi-Fi names) now I just get one or two (mine and a neighbor’s). Like I said, a lot of bugs were fixed, I had a couple of issues with the landscape keyboard going portrait mode sometimes.

     I hope all of you guys are as excited for this upcoming version as I am. Please enjoy the screenshots taken from my iPod Touch (2nd Generation). It includes, like shown on one of the screenshots, Bluetooth capabilities.

Firstly, here is a new Preferences item:


Proof that Bluetooth works under the iPod Touch:



A new application for the iPhone and iPod Touch (mic required):


A new feature (already present on iPhones) that will be on all devices: Google® StreetView: