Need a way to sync your information on the go and don’t want to bother with iTunes and Outlook? Then Daylight Touch is the app for you! With Daylight Touch you can sync your information over a WiFi, Edge, or 3G connection! Using their server, you can view upcoming appointments, tasks, projects, share calendars, and more! It connects extremely fast and has a very user-friendly interface. The actual iPhone/iPod app itself is free, but you must pay $50 a year for the server access.

     Now that you know the basic info, lets dig a little deeper. When you first open the app, you will be asked to link up to the server, or just to view the sample database. Before you actually sync, you will need to view the sample data to get a hang of how Daylight actually works. Once you have connected to the server, you will see a homepage, with your Notifications, Today, Tomorrow and Settings. Notifications will alert you of all your important dates and events. Today shows you the time and description of all your events for the day, and it’s the same with tomorrow. As for settings, you can adjust different things like how your information is displayed, and in what order.

     Moving along to the bottom menu, this is where you can select Home, Objectives, Contacts, Calendar, and Tasks. Objectives are sorted by categories you can create and are sorted by level of importance. Contacts is just the same as the contacts app that comes with the iPhone. The same can be said for the calendar, besides it being a little more organized. Last, but not least, we have tasks. Tasks are sorted into many different menus, the main of course being due today and not done. You can also sort them by categories, locations and delegated.

     Well, for the final thoughts of this app. I must say it is a lot better than I figured when I first read about it. If you need an information solution such as this, and don’t mind paying the $50 a year, this app is a must! My props go out to Marketcircle for this absolutely amazing application!