Are you a doctor that’s quite modern, “high-tech”, and would like to impress your patients with your brand-new iPhone? The app Lexi-COMPLETE, made by Lexi-Comp, is useful for EVERYONE in any medical department (student, doctor, Ph. D., etc.). I really loved this app’s fast access to its database. Lexi-Comp really got this off by trusting the well-known “SQLite”. For those out there who don’t know what that is; it’s a mobile database that stores information in tables but with a really compact size that makes it really fast!

     I was impressed by the “Interact” tab that analyzes any counter-indication between two or several prescriptions, foods, and/or herbs. A simple example: what happens when an Advil® [OTC] prescription and anticoagulant herbs meet? You’ll see a complete summary. In this case, you might see some bleeding. Another awesome feature that I really loved are the updates: you get DAILY, yes, daily updates for each database that you see, this list goes from the Lexi Drugs list to Drug Allergies passing by a Harrison’s Practice!

     At first, two friends of mine told me to review this app, I wasn’t so happy: more work and another boring app to review. No, this app is NOT boring and it’s fun to play with! If you’re a doctor, physician, surgeon or have a medical job, this is THE App to get!

     Great app Lexi-Comp! Hope you make more apps like this one!