You might be surprised to know that the iPhone 3G OS 3.0 beta was leaked a few days ago on popular torrent websites. One site is that has it out is The new 3.0 OS has many needed and wanted features, including 100+ new features and over 1000 brand new API’s which is definitely a big plus for the developers and the users. A few of the best new features are copy and paste, MMS, shake to turn shuffle on/off, sync your notes to pc and macs, and many more! 

     The Dev team has alreay tested, and sucessfully jailbroken the 3.0 OS and it isn’t even out yet! The jailbreak GUI and files have yet to be released but should be out when the 3.0 is released publicly. Some of you might wait until the jailbreak is out to get it but it has added many features that could be the main reason you are jailbreaking your iPhone anyways. For example, Everyone loves copy and paste right? Remember how we had to jailbreak the iPhone to get it? Well now as stated above it comes natively with 3.0! As well as the other long awaited feature of native MMS, which is picture or miltimedia messages, that can now be sent to and from the iPhone 3G only.

     However there are so so many things that iPhone OS 3.0 doesn’t have and might make you want to keep your jailbroken phone. For example, there are so many different apps that you can download to skin and modify your phone, as well as things to give new life to features currently present on the iPhone such as iBluetooth and Cycorder.

     The differences between having a 2.2.1 jailbroken iPhone or a 3.0 unjailbroken iPhone are very hard to decide from. But 3.0 does have some very nice new features everyone has wanted from the start and personally I would test 3.0 out to see what it’s like. The only downside of it is you have to have the iPhone registered to a developers account in order to have 3.0 OS installed and to get all of the new features. But the good thing is there are many developers that have some free slots and are selling the fairly cheap, some around the range of $5-15.

     If you haven’t watched the press release you can view the video here from YouTube.