Technology is amazing.  As a kid I was always drawn to the prospect of the technology of the future, Star Trek, Star Wars etc… I could not get enough.  As an adult, I live in it.  I love it, as what used to be SciFi is now becoming more and more, SciFact.  The iPhone is probably going to be claimed as one of the greatest inventions of the 21 century (If man kind survives long enough to reach the 22nd).  Let me pose several questions to you:

  • What if you could be in direct contact with your home/office/summer home/kids/whatever computer?
  • What if you were (Theoretcially) able to have this connection anywhere in the world?
  • What if you were able to have this connection to your system(s) over WiFi, 3G, or Edge?
  • What if this ability was able to be done WITHOUT a monthly fee?

     What if… With this connection, free of monthly service fees, filled with autonomy and versatility also allowed you to SEE your desktop and fully interact with it to every degree with finger swipes, taps and pokes?

     Sounds like science fiction right?  IT’S NOT!  IT’S HERE!  NOW, and oddly enough, has been for sometime (believe it or not).  “Jaadu VNC” & “Jaadu Remote Desktop” Is here.  Now let me say this, and I will swear by it, to date this is THE MOST AWESOME app available on the iPhone. Many people are constantly looking for file sharing programs, or enabling your 8 or 16 Gig phones to share business/personal files of all types, sizes and purposes.  With Jaadu you no longer need to try and share everything you have.  Now you have access to any system you deem necessary, making your iPhone now a proxy to your main system.  Yes that’s right, your 8/16 Gig iPhone through Jaadu becomes a 250+ Gig computer by acting like a remote proxy interface with amazing speed and smoothness without any screen resolution limits.

     VNC supports Mac, Windows, Linux and AMX Touchscreens.  Video/Audio streaming is not supported, but you can access your computer files from anywhere.  Send yourself or others material from your home computer, while you’re elsewhere.  Control media players from anywhere,  Advance Power Point slides while reading presenter notes. Use your iPhone as a wireless touch pad, keyboard, or Media Remote.  You will be able to access any file or application on your home system from anywhere in the world.  You can watch over your childrens computer time and use, all via SSH encryption that is supported for all platforms.  Best of all, by use of it and your home systems browser, we can now VIEW FLASH supported sites, and without the battery drain!

     Desktop, is a Windows Remote client for Windows OS.  It does everything VNC does for the most part save for the following, it does not support Vista or XP Home editions.  It does however, allow steaming of audio to your iPhone.

     I have been using Jaadu VNC for a week now and it is simply amazing.  I have had those spontaneous overnight trysts where I had not shut down my computer and Jaadu easily solved this issue for me.   For my business, I needed to view a flash site on the go and again, Jaadu made it possible.  I needed to send a file to a potential client, which I did not have on me.  Well with Jaadu?  Like gravy on a buscuit, it was all good.  Jaadu allowed me visual, and fully functional access to my home system and through my email client through my home system I activated the folder, drag and dropped the file into the email I had composed for the client and sent it out.  This was all done with the client on the phone while I was 40 miles away from home. 

     Now Jaadu does have a couple of issues that kind of make it a drag.  First is the price which is a whopping $25.00.  That is quite expensive for an app and it is my belief that this is what caused the app to not have much of a following.  I will say this categorically that it is way worth the price.  So do not let this sway you, if you are considering getting it based on this article, or your own investigations.  

     The second issue, is the set up.  You need to DL 3 seperate programs on your home system, and for those not technically adept, this can be daunting as it can cause you to need to change some settings on your server router (if you are using one like I am to connect to the Web).  However even if you think this will be an obsticle you need not worry because  Jaadu’s support is very helpful, nice and respond reasonably quickly.  Once you are past these two issues, your life has gotten so much better.  When I showed my female companion this in action while at her house she was so thrown by it, looking at my desktop at home on my iPhone screen and watching me interface with programs finishing up to some quick work, and then shutting down my system from her apartment, she exclaimed it was difficult to wrap her head around the concept, even after witnessing it first hand.

     Jaadu is so amazing, I simply cannot explain it properly, but maybe the video below will assist in convincing you. I say get this wonderful app before it climbs anymore in price.  Apple should buy this company and make this a native part of the iPhone.  So again, what the hell is Jaadu!?!  The answer is, simply awesome.