Alright all you iPod Touch users, the prize you have been waiting for is finally here… Untethered jailbreak for the iPod Touch 2G. It’s even easier than before which I believed was quite impossible, not to mention there is two versions out right now, a GUI and a non GUI.

     The GUI is called QuickFreedom and was developed by members of the iPodTouch fans forum (MuscleNerd, Chronic, Dancool). If you are on a windows PC there is no doubt, this is the easiest way to jailbreak your device, it has everything you need wrapped up into one neat program. It comes with libusb and the custom firmware you need to make it work. Now be careful with this libusb as it can really mess up your computer if you running vista so just make sure you take the proper precautions before installing it.

     Another version is called “unofficial snow“. I don’t know the developer as of right now but I have asked the only person I know using this and have not got an answer back. This is a non GUI but a terminal jailbreak. Still seems very simple and it to comes with its own custom firmware and to be honest doesn’t seem to be any different then the QuickFreedom except lacking the GUI. This also requires you to install libusb so again make sure you run the proper version for vista. I can speak from personal experience that this particular method works because it is how I jailbroke my Touch.

     Then there is TyTool, this is the only 2G jailbreak for a Mac as far as I know developed by Ty Moss. It is based on redsn0w with a few tweaks and looks to be very similar to almost a hybrid of the two jailbreaks. He has included everything you need just like the others and he to has his own custom firmware. He has even included a link for anyone on 10.5.6 and how to enable dfu mode, you do not need to redo this if you have already done it in the past.

     As of right now there is no Quickpwn or PwnageTool released by the DevTeam. Many people have speculated that it would come out soon but the jailbreak has been out for four days now and still no DevTeam release. If you are worried about using these because they’re not the “usual”  programs, don’t be, they seem to be working with great success.