I ordered the stainless steel bluetooth vibrating bracelet made by the same brand, which I believe is BluAlert, that created the bracelets sold on ThinkGeek.

     This bracelet however is the stainless steel counterpart to the silicone version that I have seen elsewhere.  While this was the first time I was able to find a decent and professional looking bluetooth alert bracelet, I have always been intrigued by them.  I always assumed that these fairly small pieces of techy jewelry would be a great device when put into the correct hands due to its ability to vibrate and alert you to who was calling.  I also believed that they could/would alert you to incoming mail, texts, and any other time the vibration in the iPhone was set to go off, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.

     Now I am not saying that this device wasn’t amazing in its own right, because it was. The craftsmanship of the bracelet was fairly flawless.  The strap part itself was without problem, the button functioned properly, and the charger worked without a hitch.  The only thing I could find that was slightly off was the placement of the LED output screen in relation to the viewable area on the bracelet. But when I wore the bracelet it breathed easy and never broke away. I can honestly say out of many watches I have owned, most of them were Fossil branded, were of the same quality.

     The performance of the device, as I stated earlier, left something to be desired. I wanted to be alerted of anything and everything that the iPhone normally made me aware of.  Texts, alerts, appointments, emails, IMs, everything! But it would simply vibrate, very loudly, everytime a call was coming in and display the number of who was calling. Now it could just be me, but if I have someone saved in my iPhone I couldn’t tell you their number to save my life. So why are we still having bluetooth devices that show only the incoming number and not the saved profile.  Understandably I do not comprehend what is and isn’t possible with bluetooth, so maybe it isn’t even an option, but it if isn’t an option I can’t see a real reason to ever own a device like this.

     So let’s say that the we didn’t need to know who was calling, simply that they were calling.  If this were to be the case I would have to be one of only two groups of people I can think of in this world, either someone who keeps their iPhone in a bag/briefcase of somekind 24/7, or someone who cannot reach their phone for one reason or another at all times.  Either one of these types of people I still can’t see making the $50 plunge to buy this item.

     Now that we have gotten past the basic perks and flaws, let us simply discuss the hardware limitations of the device.  While I am at work I keep my iPhone in my left hand front pocket and sit in a cubicle with the bracelet wrapped around my right wrist.  Without moving a muscle, I would be sitting there perfectly still, my arm would start to vibrate which would cause me to jump up and see if I had a call, but to no avail.  It was the bracelet disconnecting from my iPhone and then casually reconnecting.  In a 9 hour workday this occurred approximately 10 times which can not possibly be good for relying on.

     While I am not sure if this final complaint has to do with the manufacturers hardware, software, bluetooth profiles or Apple’s software I was quite disgruntled to find out I could only use the bracelet or my Jawbone, one at a time, or they would fight each other over connection.  As far as I had read on the internet you could easily pair as much as 8 devices depending on their profiles, which in this case was what I was expecting.

     Overall I would definitely say this was a good product, and with a few tweaks could very well be a necessity.  Craftsmanship was of very nice quality while the software and hardware leave much to be desired.  If you are one of the few people mentioned above feel free to try your luck on this product and see what you think.  I would not be one to trust it for more than a foot away from me but that is completely up to you.