is constantly changing in an effort to remain the most popular, reliable, and outstanding iPhone site out there and now is your chance to help.

      Not many can do what we do, it takes standing on the front lines and being the first to get the scoop, with or without free stuff as incentive. But being a journalist for Planet-iPhones allows you the opportunity to get free merchandise from developers and designers to trick out your already amazing iPhone. If you are one that likes getting apps, cases, accessories, headsets, and much more simply for the sake of reviewing and getting paid then here is your chance to apply!

     For any further information or if you are interested in submitting a news article and/or review to us please contact Nazaroth, Editor in Chief, at You can also reference our join the team page for current and future job opportunities.

     This is a paying job so know that tax information will be required. Only US citizens able to work please apply. However if you choose to work simply for the fun of doing so and the opportunity to get free apps, accessories, and more feel free to let me know.

03/14/09: New Journalist Positions have opened up so please inquire!