Since day one Apple has tried to fit iPhone users into their perfect little mold, and everytime we manage to break out stronger and better than ever before.  Now we are thousands strong and have made a change that is likely to rock Apple’s world to the point that it will never be the same again.

     Saurik has finally opened the Cydia Store, which currently only supports one package, and will allow jailbroken iPhone users to download, buy, and use third party software. This is quite a large step for our community and might make Apple want to pay a little more attention to us and what we want in our devices!

     Saurik also added quite a long paragraph in the info of his new paid app Cyntact, the only paid app currently available, which is shown below:

This (paid) package is DRM free.

I personally do not like DRM much. Other paid packages may have some type of DRM: this one simply doesn’t.

(Please do not steal it from me. ;P)

Yes, this is a very simple package.
No, I
do not intend to make a habit of charging for little packages like this in the future: my plan is to continue releasing most of my work for free.

Please bear with me, and read this:

There are some important reasons why I chose Cyntact to be the first package sold using the Cydia Store:

First, it works: I have been testing this package for months and know there are no memory leaks or threading issues in it. I personally have about 600 contacts and I have pictures for most of them, so I also know it scales.

This means that I am hopefully not going to have to handle any serious support requests on Cyntact itself: this is fundamentally important as I’m certainly going to be spending the rest of my week debugging issues of the form “you lost my dollar”, and really don’t want to have any extra work.

Secondly, I feel Cyntact truly honors what it means to be an “unofficial app”:
this is the kind of package that Apple would have to make a
fundamental change to their entire vision, even technologically, to allow in their store.

So, will we one day see Cycorder in the App Store? Maybe. Will Apple eventually decide to add this feature to Contacts? Certainly. But I guarantee that you will never see a package like Cyntact to buy in the App Store.

Finally, I have yet to meet someone who has told me they wouldn’t pay a dollar for this package (at least, of people who would spend a dollar on anything, ever): Cyntact is awesome.

     Hopefully Saurik won’t be the only one making DRM free software.  But if not everyone follows his lead at least I know some developers would be more than happy to release their software without restrictions. Saurik’s store is not the only one that is in the works either, there is currently one in development called Rock Your Phone and one for Adult oriented gaming.

     We can all hope this will bring upon us a great new era in software deployment for the iPhone, and with Apple’s pockets a little lighter hopefully they will be more apt to aid us.