Back in September 2008, rumors surfaced that Verizon was in talks with Apple to bring the iPhone to their network, but the rumor didn’t hold too much water due to an apparent exclusivity deal with Apple and AT&T which was said to last until 2010. More reports came out recently backing up Verizon’s interest in the iPhone, but it is unlikely that AT&T will allow Apple to subsidize the phone under other carriers in the US before their contract expires.

     The most recent sign of this, discovered by BGR, is shown quite blatantly in Verizon’s Service-Cancellation-Survey. Three of the probing questions in this survey include the iPhone in the answers. The first asks, “What is the PRIMARY REASON you disconnected your line of service with Verizon Wireless?”. The second asks, “What is the PRIMARY REASON you chose your new carrier?”. Included in the answers for these questions is, “Wanted the iPhone”.

     The third and most intriguing question, which is shown above, asks, “What could Verizon Wireless have offered you to keep you as a customer?”. All but one of the answers are things that Verizon could currently offer, but as you can see, the iPhone is also listed as an answer, and is topping the poll with 68%.

     There are countless comments from both Verizon and AT&T customers scattered around on various blogs, arguing the toss as to which has the better coverage, and why they moved from Verizon to AT&T, and in most cases it had nothing to do with coverage, it was the iPhone that drew them to AT&T. It isn’t even a huge sacrifice to get your hands on the premier handset on the market.

     Could this be Verizon trying to ascertain how much revenue they have lost by not having the iPhone, or how much they stand to gain if they did offer the iPhone as one of their handsets? Only time will tell.