That’s right, it is official, xGPS was recently released on Cydia. For many people March 2nd was a nail-biting experience, with refresh buttons being pressed all over the globe, each time with the hope that this revolutionary iPhone app would appear in Cydia. Well the wait is over! Everyone with a jailbroken device can now download the latest version, 1.2.

     As i reported on the new features of this app not so long ago, I won’t list them all again but a full spec can be found here, the team over at Xwaves have spent many hours perfecting this app to bring iPhone and iPod Touch users the most advanced and stable navigation software application. But as always users are reminded that the app may be free but is not bug free, so to report any bugs you may find head on over to the xGPS user forums.

     Among the new features, there are a few that were not mentioned in the pre-release write-up. The first is a new way to create an itinerary called “Routes Manager”. Using this function you can save and compute routes for offline use. It allows you to choose places and/or addresses as starting and ending points, however, there is currently no support for routes with more than one starting/ending point. This is due to a limitation with Google, but the team assures they are working on it for future updates .

      The biggest improvement in this release is obviously the addition of voice instructions support. It uses a Text-to-Speech engine to convert text instructions to sound. So there is no way to change the voice yourself as it is not pre-recorded sound. The team are working on a cleaner English voice which should be included in subsequent releases. If you had the previous version of xGPS then you will notice that it will automatically delete any maps you had previously downloaded due to incompatibility with the new version. I for one am hoping this will not be the case for every update as the maps can be quite hefty in size.

     A new version of the xGPS manager has also been released, and can be found on the official website. It has been written from scratch and is far more user friendly for the more inexperienced user, with versions available for Mac OS X and Windows. Java however is essential for Windows users. The official website is still under hard development and has a user created logo from a competition held on the xGPS forum (see above).

     The team has also stated that they plan to release an intermediate version in a few weeks to fix any translation problems that may occur and minor bug fixes.