We all look for exactly the right case for our iPhones.  The right case to not only match our personalities, but to protect our prized possession and match our own specific personalities.  I have reviewed several cases, all of which are well designed for a certain type of person, and this case has its own target audience as well.

     Ion-Factory.com has a slim and fairly awesome case out that goes by the name of MetalVest.  They have two colors currently on the market, a gold/red version and a gunmetal/blue version, with the former color being the outside and latter the inside of the case. This case is a back cover that simply attaches to the phone and protects the back of it from harm.  There is no front piece so you would still have to get a screen cover if you wanted something on the front.  However currently if you buy one of these cases from Ion-Factory you will receive two mirror shields for the front so you don’t have to spend anymore money!

     The MetalVest is a very shiny case due to its polished gunmetal color, which is definitely spiffy looking but might deter you if you are wanting to get away from the fingerprint absorbing back that the iPhone normally has.  The gold color also looks as if it would have the same problem but I honestly couldn’t see using a shiny gold case on my iPhone, it’s just a little tacky for me.

     When you put the iPhone into the case it has a very snug fit, which is definitely a good trait because the last thing you need is your iPhone crashing to the ground when you are using it.  But because it fits so well it is a little difficult to remove your phone from the case but the cut out circle over the logo on the back of the phone really helps you put some pressure behind the phone to pop it out.

     The main complaint I have with the case is the back hole for the logo.  I assume that, since every case I have seen is this way, the creators of these cases either can’t get Apple’s approval or don’t care to ask so they can put the logo actually on the case.  If the logo was on the case instead of an arbitrary hole it would bring it together very nicely.  But since that hole is there it just seems random and unnecessary.

     Overall I really like this case and can’t find any serious flaws with it.  The price is even more reasonable than most cases at a measly 29.99, not to mention the 2 free screen protectors you get.  I couldn’t really get the screen protectors to work however, but maybe you will have better luck!