If Apple’s interim CEO Tim Cook considers what to do with the current carrier arrangement over the iPhone, rumors are flying that Verizon Wireless may be courting Cupertino for a similar exclusive arrangement for Apple customer loyalty. Apple’s contract with AT&T is supposed to last until 2010, and it is highly unlikely that AT&T will allow Apple to subsidize the phone under other carriers before that time. Verizon Wireless is known as the premier network in the US, and it is no surprise that Apple is interested in ridding the iPhone of AT&T’s spotty network in order to improve the image and performance of the phone. Verizon’s recent acquisition of Alltel will also make the network the largest in the country. Nevertheless, the second-generation iPhone had a successful debut. As a result, it makes some Apple fans, critics, and other people ask themselves if the debut would still be the same if Apple Inc. did not made an exclusive deal with AT&T. Randall Stephenson, the CEO of AT&T, is very happy and very satisfied with the results of his company and Apple Inc.’s collaboration.