We all remember Emoji, the new “feature” that Apple released with 2.2 firmware, or rather included but disabled on any non-Japanese iPhones. Shortly after the firmware update, a tweak was released on Cydia to enable the Emoji icons. Since all of this, the popularity of Emoji has grown and grown, and now seems that it has it’s own “mini-market” on the App Store, with many developers creating apps that enable the icons for non-jailbroken iPhones.

     Now, true to form, Apple is having a crackdown on Emoji activation outside of Japan. So it’s no surprise that many of these apps have been cut from the App Store, most notably, Emotifun and iEmoji, who’s only function was to activate the Emoji icons. Developers of other similar apps that have additional uses and features and are not solely for activating the icons, have received warnings from Apple stating that an Emoji-free update must be released immediately.

      No official explanation has been given for the crackdown, but a case can be made for keeping phones like this within regional standards. Out of the thousands of iPhone users that installed the Emoji icons, how many actually realize that only another up to date iPhone can actually receive them in the first place! If this confusion is the method behind Apple’s madness then it seems a tad harsh in my opinion. If people want to have the option to use this functionality, should the oppertunity arise and regardless of where they live, then surely that should be up to the end user.

     Thankfully this isn’t a problem for jailbreakers, but unfortunately for those who do not wish to jailbreak, but still want the emotions outside of Japan, this will soon be unavailable. But all is not lost just yet, if you download such an app now, for example Typing Genius, then even if you install a later update you should still keep your Emoji activation.