“Designed in USA, Assembled in China”. That is what reads on the back of this iPhoney; next to the chrome Apple logo that seems to have its leaf cut off. A not-so decent knock off of the first generation iPhone, the “iPhone” Nano sports a removable metal backing, revealing two SIM cards, a removable battery, and a slot for up to 8GB of microSD memory. The OS reveals a cheap feel and a sluggish interface that more closely resembles a less attractive Samsung or LG interface; sluggish and poorly designed.

     The phone’s screen has also been changed, to a cheaper “Resistive” touch screen rather than the Apple iPhones “capacitive” screen. The result is a lack of multi-touch and a 60% chance of hitting a the button or squashed key that you want. It does however, add a standard haptic feedback that is no better than “Vibrus” or “Realistic Haptic Feedback” found in Cydia along with low quality MJPEG video capture.

     In addition to a sub-par interface, the OS still presents the flaws that the current iPhone OS has. This includes a non rotatable keyboard (a keyboard only shows up on the smaller portrait mode), a standard Springboard configuration that is non-modifiable and a lack of MMS. Even worse, it’s “Safari” is a WAP 2.0 browser present in phones from 6 years ago and its camera is far worse – 0.3 mega-pixels. Testers could not get video files working, but Mp3 files tested ok. The phone is only available in China.