Have you ever wanted to know anything and everything about your country? Information on every President, which political party they belong to, who were their spouses, or how many children they had? Well now with the “USA Factbook and Quiz” app you can know all of that information and much more! You can have a vastly more complete knowledge on your individual State, the Documents that make the USA such a special country to live in, and for those that forgot the anthem: there’s the lyrics to the all-famous “Star Spangled Banner” by Mr. Francis S. Key. I personally loved this app’s first impression, the user-interface (UI), is very clean and in fact it was just re-built with a more simple and direct layout. If you want to see State information, then nothing could be more easy, simply click “States” and you are there. The same would also go for just about any other category.

     There is a really awesome feature called “Quiz”, you have three different modes of playing: “Capitals”, “Locations” and “Both”. Where Capitals will give you a State name and you will need to give its capital (you have 4 possibilities), Locations will show you a map and a State highlighted in red and again you have 4 State names and you need to choose the correct one. Both, will be a mix of both Capitals and Locations for you Geographic gurus out there!

     I highly recommend this application to anyone, I learned quite a few things that I would have never learned in school. If I were to grade this application, it would receive an A++. Highly recommended!