Have you ever been camping and you were worried about those mosquitos outside near your camp light? Wondering how soon it will be before they attack you in your sleep? Well, today’s the day that the “AntiMosquito” app will save your life! It produces ultrasonic-sounds, ranging from 16 KHz to 20 KHz, at frequencies that are way too high for us — humans — to hear!

     I personally tried this app when I was on vacation and it worked perfectly! There is one downside to this app, but it’s not really the developer’s fault but rather Mother Nature’s: other animals can here these sounds and could make them go crazy. The only other problem is that a few people stated that some mosquitoes [again Mother Nature] aren’t affected by these sounds. So a “patch” would be appreciated to cover these specific mosquitoes.

      Overall I really liked this app, the only downside is for the animals, don’t leave your the app on with the maximum volume and your dog or cat right next to it; make them go in an other room. Overall, this is a really awesome app! I’ll give it a 4/5.