Ever since Apple launched the iTunes App Store, they have been notoriously strict in terms of it’s app screening process, rejecting applications for many reasons, some more obvious than others. While Google has also taken steps to assert their authority in regards to apps sold in the Android Market, their vetting process is notably more relaxed than Apple’s. This goes a little way towards explaining why, when browsing the App Store, you can now find a plethora of apps that “recreate” fart sounds.

     The Android Market is still relatively new (paid apps only begun to get approved earlier this month), so it doesn’t have nearly as many apps to sift through. One feature present in the Android Market is a “Flag as inappropriate” at the bottom of each app description, which means that the Market can’t quite be a free-for-all for mobile developers. Having said this, there still seem to be a fair number of apps that would undoubtedly fail to make it through Apple’s vetting process. Here is a round up of the more notable ones as posted on The Small Big Thing From Tech;

MobiDuck (free) – MobiDuck isn’t the only “vibrator” Android app, but it does seem to be the only one dedicated to waterfowl. “Looking for a gift for your girlfriend or yourself?!” asks the developer. “This vibrating duck is just what you need for a little discrete massage.” We’ll spare you the rest of the details.

Tether-Wi-Fi ($8.95) – Remember the fate of the iPhone tethering app? This one is currently rated four out of five stars based on 22 users’ experiences, lets hope it doesn’t meet a similar fate.

Do Not Buy Me ($0.99) – Consider this the recession version of the iPhone “I Am Rich” app, complete with a red glowing jewel. Given it’s name and the simple description, “Do not buy this app”, we’re guessing it wouldn’t last long under Apple’s watch.

Just A Stupid Test App ($0.99) – Again, a good name is everything, so the Author’s blurb, “Just a stupid test app, you probably don’t want to buy it”, isn’t going to do said author any favours.

Naughty Dice ($0.99) – I’m guessing that the company that wouldn’t allow the words “boobs” and “booty” in it’s App Store probably wouldn’t take kindly to this game, which “reveals you and your partners next adventure.”

     Unfortunately, we the iPhone community, will have to satisfy our needs with apps that fart at us or quote Mr. T in 60 different ways, as it will probably be a far and distant day before Apple get’s a grip and starts listening to the people that actually pay good money for their products.