, the creators of many very protective cases for the iPhone, iPhone 3G, and many other devices, has an amazing new case called the Defender.

     The Defender case encloses the iPhone 3G in a snug case made of plastic and reinforced with silicone.  Much like the Element Case it is very difficult to remove on a whim and it can be a process that will take a few minutes, and involves you taking the entire case apart. But once the case is on, it is snug and fits very nicely.

     Every port and button on the phone is covered, which can be a good thing, because you won’t get dust particles in or on the device.  However when you are trying to silence the phone, use your headphones, or plug it in, you have to bend back a cover over the desired piece.

     On the front of the Defender, the screen is covered by a built in screen protector, as well as on the camera lens and the Apple logo on the back of the iPhone. These help protect the most valuable parts of the phone from scratching and from you leaving the occasional fingerprint.

     While this case does offer full protection for your iPhone it does have its downfalls.  Having to bend back a flexible piece of silicone just to plug in your USB cable, headphones, or even silence the device is quite a hassle.  I also found that the bulk of the case causes the front edge of it to be elevated off of the front of the iPhone.  To compensate for this the it is beveled and this makes the iPhone a lot more difficult to handle, much like a palm device.  Also, much like all iPhone cases that have a clear screen protector, the screen somehow gets sucked onto the actual iPhone screen which causes unsightly air bubbles but are said to be removeable after being used repeatedly.  The last and worst thing with this case is, just like any silicone case, its horrible attraction to anything and everything in your pocket.  It absorbed any spare piece of lint or dirt as if it was some sort of crazy magnet for that type of thing.  There have only been a few cases with silicone “like” material that have come out without looking like a cheaply dressed “Wookie”.

     All in all this very protective case is a great buy in my opinion if you are into that sort of thing.  This is one of the cheaper, sturdy cases that I have found for the iPhone 3G.  At only $49.95, and with several colors to choose from, it is very hard to go wrong.  Not to mention the side holster you get that is well suited for the construction worker, or office manager on the go.  I didn’t try the holster out but it looks very sturdy and like it would stay on with no effort.  So keep an eye on the line of products as they seem to be very interesting and innovative for all devices and walks of life.