Recently it was reported that a new iPhone may be on it’s way this year around June. As expected images have started to surface across the web depicting what could be, and clues to back-up the rumor.

     Above is a close up of what appears to be the back-case to an unreleased 16GB iPhone with the model number A1303. This image was first posted by iPodObserver and they remain confident in the photo and remind readers that they were also responsible for publishing an early back-case photo of the iPhone 3G.

newiphone2     The Guys over at MacRumors also received these additional images that appear to be from the same series. The images are said to originate from china but so far their authenticity has not been confirmed.

     The new casing seems to contain a metal element with a matte black finish that is textured for improved grip, as apposed to the slick and shiny casing currently used with the iPhone 3G.

     There are many reasons to be skeptical of this new case design, one being the reception issues, which is why Apple is said to have chosen plastic in the first place.

     Another is because of the time-frame, the rumored release of the next gen iPhone is in June, which would make it very unlikely that such a feature would be exposed so early in Apple’s cycle.

          Their have been other “fakes” reported, such as the iPhone Nano series, which has since been squashed. All that is left to do now is to sit tight and draw your own conclusions from this new rumor, it’s not the first, and it certainly won’t be the last.