Most iPhone users will remember an app called iSlsk, which then changed it’s name to MewSeek. It was basically a native Peer2Peer Soulseek client for the iPhone, iPhone 3G and the iPod Touch. It gave users the ability to search and download free music legally to their iPhones without the need for iTunes or a computer.

     It worked in much the same way as the popular computer programs Limewire and BearShare, in which you were downloading the songs from other users or “peers”, kind of like seeding is to a torrent client. You were also given the opportunity, where applicable, to download that “peers” entire album including the song you wanted.

      When MewSeek was released last year, alone it gave you the option to search, download but NOT listen to your new songs. For this they presented PwnPlayer, released in it’s beta stage, and very buggy to boot. There were problems with songs not appearing in PwnPlayer after download, and sometimes crashing of the app completely.

     Well, in the last few days there was an exciting new release that appeared in Cydia, MewSeek Pro, which is hosted in the BigBoss and Planet-iPhones repository. It comes as a new app and not an update to the previous version. It has pretty much the same UI as the first version but the most exciting new development is that it now has the option to import your downloads into the stock iPod app, so it is basically syncing the songs with your iTunes library, which makes it the first of it’s kind. Whats more, you are also given the option to live stream each song before you download it.

     The search and download speeds have been vastly improved upon, giving impressive results when used with an iPhone 3G or on wifi, and speeds may also vary for the 1st gen iPhone and iPod Touch. This is mainly due to it now being HTTP based as apposed to P2P based. It now uses SeeqPod’s API to display results, and like dTunes, the search results are a little less fulfilling but you do get them instantly.

     There is, of course, another main difference with the Pro version of MewSeek to the original version, this is the introductory $6.99 registration fee. The creator states that this fee is purely to aid in the continuing development of the app and there will be no further charges thereafter. He also states that SeeqPod requested that he didn’t offer the search engine for free, as they are also developing apps for mobile devices and considered it unfair competition to do so. This begs the question, why is dTunes free?

     While unregistered though, you are able to stream an unlimited amount of songs and also get a maximum of 15 free downloads which you can add to the music library. This is not much to ask for such a groundbreaking achievement and I will be happy to pay the price, and lets face it, there are plenty of less useful apps on the App Store with the same price tag.

     The developer has also said that he has not abandoned the original Application, and will include support for music library management, both on MewSeek and “maybe” Pwnplayer.