Oh how many of us despise Apple for trying to relegate us to use devices like our precious iPhones the way Steve Jobs wants.  They have gone out of their way to make us “Borg”, but as we all know “Resistance is NOT futile”.  We, the 1.2 MILLION+ members of our community are jailbroken.  Freed from the evil shackles of conformity foisted upon us by the Borg King, Steve and his drones that make up Apple.

     Themes, Apps, Packages, Substrates, and Tweaks have blessed us in the jailbroken community allowing us to stretch our iPhones beyond what was intended by the dictator who introduced his amazing product into the market place. Like Prometheus, The iPhone Dev Team stole fire from the Gods, and gave it to us mere mortals.  Then came the Demi-Gods, like Saurik with Cydia and Winterboard, to grace us with gifts of wonderful graphics, tools and functions to further enrich our lives, and to this we thank you Gentlemen (and Ladies).

     There are two new tweaks however that have recently risen up, demanding attention and absorbtion into our lives.  These two tweaks have silently snuck into the scene with no fanfare and compliment each other so brilliantly, that the idea is, well… frankly so simple, it’s a head-slapper, “Five-Column SpringBoard” and “Five|rows”.  These tweaks do exactly what they say.  Either one, by themselves will enable you to go from viewing 16 apps per springboard page to 20, when combined together you get a WHOPPING 25 per page!  This is a phenomenal development by the obvious fact that now you can use the excess space on your springboard in a much more economical fashion.  Now being thrifty (like the times) with our devices in terms or memory, SB space and even battery consumption is so in vogue.  While we have had the help of different apps to do this already, such as Categories, Stack, and even Dock, these two tweaks are so visibly obvious and much needed it defies description to the level of its utility.

     Now, these two tweaks are not so easily found, but they are here.  It is not a rumor.  These are live tweaks, available now.  To get the Five Column, you must have a source called SOSIphone.com, and for Five Rows, you will need the source Touch-Mania.com.

     When I contacted Touch-Mania to laud them with praise, they wrote a simple “Thank you”.  However, when I wrote to Yanik Magnon, the author of “Five-Column SpringBoard”, he explained to me that this tweak “was not really supposed to be released for mass consumption as there were bugs, but should be available within a week.”  (That was 3 weeks ago).  Anyway, I can say that I have experienced no dire issue with use of this tweak and believe it’s safe to use.  In the meantime, as can be seen in the pics above, the look and feel is awesome and the functionality is more than intuitive.

     What may need to be done however is to convert to smaller icons.  With this many icons on a Spring Board, it can get pretty cramped causing your backgrounds to be blotted out.  But fear not!  For you traditionalists out there, yours truly here authored an icon pack in Cydia called, “Mini” a while back.  These are the original icons produced by Apple sized down (almost like I was psychic) to appropriately fit this concept of 5×5.  What’s more, many other icon packs are already conveniently sized to suit this theme, and I just submitted soon be released, clear icon packs designed to compliment these Tweaks brilliantly.

     Do I advise and recommend these tweaks?  Whole-heartedly and enthusiastically.  I personally love them and after you download them, so will you.  Get them now or continue to remain shackled to a limited iPhone life-style.