I was recently asked to review a retro game that goes by the name of Gorillas, created by Lhunath. When I saw images of the gameplay I immediately recognized it as a game I used to spend hours on when I was younger.  This game operates on very basic principles such as differing levels of gravity, AI, and level layout which make it a game with endless replay value.

     You play as a Gorilla standing on top of skyscrapers on different planets trying to blow your opponent up with banana bombs.  You are able to change the force and direction you are throwing the bombs then the trajectory is altered by wind and gravity. When you successfully hit your target you accumulate points and move on to the next level.

     The gameplay is very simple and the music is very interesting.  The default song titled “Sky High” is actually a custom rendition of “Korobeiniki” from Tetris and is extremely catchy.  Gorillas is a game of skill that is a great way to pass the time and at $1.99 is definitely a good buy.  I think it would be more adequately priced at $.99 but I can still spare $1.99 for it.  So check this game out if you ever played the original, and if not I am sure you will like it just the same!