Recently I reviewed the Mophie Juice Pack for the iPhone 3G and found that although it was a whopping $99, it was well worth the value if you were in a time of need. So I decided to look at other battery packs and how they pit against the Mophie, both price and performance wise.  What I found was an astounding product called the MiLi Battery Pack for iPhone 3G that simply blows Mophie out of the water.

     The MiLi Battery Pack, that is sold online at, is not really my style due to the light, reflective plastic but it packs a huge battery.  When I reviewed the Mophie pack it only lasted me a mere 10-12 hrs while under my normal usage of Beejive, iPod, Safari, and calls.  Whereas the MiLi lasted me a full 24hrs!  I couldn’t believe that by the time the Mophie pack had expired MiLi was still showing 4 full bars!

     The MiLi pack also has, what I haven’t seen on other battery packs, an external USB out plug. So if you are on the go and need to charge your Jawbone II, or even another iPhone, you can do it all while still having your iPhone docked safely!

     As you can see in the video the battery pack doesn’t surround the whole iPhone but still looks good none the less. The 4 LEDs in the front of the case glow a bright blue to indicate how full the battery is. Another good thing about the MiLi is that is was a lot easier to remove the iPhone after charging than in the Mophie.  I had to pry my iPhone, or rock it back and forth, just to get it out of the Mophie Juice Pack.

     The MiLi Battery Pack’s pricetag is lower than the Mophie at just $79.  You can also choose from an assortment of inside lining colors as well as the external color can either be black or white to match your iPhone’s style. Currently there is a special offer if you buy a MiLi Battery Pack you get a 2 pack of Mask Screen Protectors, which they state is a free $8.99 value!