Wormy Reviews Pulled from Apple App Store!

     Two years ago, the iPhone made it’s debut.  The revolutionary device was coveted by techies and laymen alike.  But the device was not a true gaming unit until the introduction of the App Store with the 3G, in July …


Apple to Cut All Emoji-Activating Apps from the Appstore!


      We all remember Emoji, the new “feature” that Apple released with 2.2 firmware, or rather included but disabled on any non-Japanese iPhones. Shortly after the firmware update, a tweak was released on Cydia to enable the Emoji …


iPhone Exclusivity Ending for AT&T Soon?



     If Apple’s interim CEO Tim Cook considers what to do with the current carrier arrangement over the iPhone, rumors are flying that Verizon Wireless may be courting Cupertino for a similar exclusive arrangement for Apple customer loyalty. …


“iPhone” Nano Found in China!

     “Designed in USA, Assembled in China”. That is what reads on the back of this iPhoney; next to the chrome Apple logo that seems to have its leaf cut off. A not-so decent knock off of the first generation …


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     Have you ever wanted to stay up to date on your latest iPhone news but not have to open Safari, check an RSS feed or use an app?  Well now we can easily bring you the most up to …


iPhone 3G now with SFR in France!

     Yes, for all of you iPhone lovers in France that wanted to use your iPhone on the SFR network at higher speeds than on Orange’s network it’s finally time! SFR officially (on, 02/25/09 at 19:00 GMT +1 (7:00 PM)) …


App Review: Anti-Mosquito

     Have you ever been camping and you were worried about those mosquitos outside near your camp light? Wondering how soon it will be before they attack you in your sleep? Well, today’s the day that the “AntiMosquito” …


App Review: USA Factbook and Quiz


     Have you ever wanted to know anything and everything about your country? Information on every President, which political party they belong to, who were their spouses, or how many children they had? Well now with the “USA


Why iPhone Service Prices Probably Won’t Be Reduced.


     There have been various reports posted in blogs recently hinting at an impending price drop regarding the iPhone.

     MacWorld reprinted this article from the BizFeed blog at PC World’s Business Centre.

     There’s no shortage of


Five Android Apps That Won’t Make it Into the App Store!


     Ever since Apple launched the iTunes App Store, they have been notoriously strict in terms of it’s app screening process, rejecting applications for many reasons, some more obvious than others. While Google has also taken steps to assert their …

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