2.2.1 QuickPwn


     The iPhone Dev Team has promised a speedy jailbreak for 2.2.1, and it looks like they weren’t lying! Just a couple days after the release of firmware 2.2.1, they came out new versions of QuickPwn for Mac, QuickPwn for Windows, and PwnageTool. The latest versions are now 2.2.5 (Mac) and 2.2.5-2 (Windows). They are available for download from mirror sites at the bottom of this page or on their official torrents page free of charge, like always. The releases for Mac were coded properly without any problems, but QuickPwn 2.2.5 for Windows had bugs reported by many jailbreakers. The iPhone Dev Team quickly responded with an update just a couple hours later. So the newest version for Windows is 2.2.5-2 while Mac stays at 2.2.5. *Important! If you want to keep your iPhone 3G yellowsn0w software unlock, DO NOT update to 2.2.1. I repeat DO NOT update!*




     Yesterday QuickPWN.com had uploaded an “unofficial 2.2.1 jailbreak” for Windows. Please note: QuickPWN.com is in no way affiliated with the iPhone Dev Team (a famous group of iPhone hackers).  The QuickPwn jailbreaking software was developed by the iPhone Dev Team and poorlad. One difference I’ve noticed with the unofficial jailbreak, is when QuickPwn was uploading jailbreak data and a modified ramdisk. Normally I would see a green downloading arrow pointing at a hard disk, but instead I saw an image with QuickPWN.com. It did indeed work and it was exactly like the regular QuickPwn we know and love. But there were extra files and a folder named “Data”, which had the iPhone/iPhone 3G/iPod touch firmware bundles. This is required because the QuickPwn program was not modified and it is really the QuickPwn 2.2 program.

      Most of the time, people should not use jailbreak programs from other sites. It’s not because the iPhone Dev Team is trying to get more users, in fact there is no point in that because they don’t make any money. The real reason why the hackers suggest only using their programs, is for your iPhone’s own safety. If some evil programmer decided that he wanted to corrupt iPhones just for the fun of it, then you will be without THE ultimate mobile device, possibly ruined beyond repair forever.

     Here is a quote from MuscleNerd (obviously referring to QuickPWN.com):

     “I don’t think people understand the power of a pwned ramdisk. Especially for iPhone owners…there’s information on the iPhone that is very specific to that iPhone. If they lose that info because of a botched or nefarious ramdisk, they will no longer have a cell phone and/or wifi. I’m not saying that this particular instance is like that, but I can see the day coming where some bad guy out there takes advantage of everyone who leaps before they look. But, in the end, it’s only a phone I guess :)”


yellowsn0w 0.9.7


     Although 2.2.1 is now jailbreakable, that does not mean it’s unlockable. Yes you heard me right, IT IS NOT UNLOCKABLE! Well… it’s only locked on the iPhone 3G. The iPhone 3G 2.2.1 software update comes with a newer baseband which is 2.30.03. If you want to use yellowsn0w for 2.2.1, you will need to use a custom firmware made with QuickPwn. If you update in iTunes to 2.2.1, it may FOREVER affect your chance of unlocking . Because of the 2.2.1 firmware, yellowsn0w has also been updated to 0.9.7. It’s really of no use to anybody but the team. They currently have a successfully unlocked iPhone 3G running on 2.2.1 firmware and the 2.28.00 baseband.

      For those of you who cannot jailbreak because of the “no DFU issue” on OS X 10.5.6, then follow these simple steps:

DFU Mode on OS X 10.5.6

  1. Download “IOUSBFamily-315.4.1.pkg.zip” (yes, that is a “5” in 10.5.5 – this is a developer debug package of the USB kernel extension).
  2. Unplug non-vital USB equipment, such as external DVD writers, USB scanners, USB mass storage devices, at the most leave a Keyboard and Mouse connected.
  3. Extract and install IOUSBFamily-315.4.1.pkg
  4. Reboot your system!
  5. Perform necessary DFU activity with QuickPwn or PwnageTool.
  6. Download “IOUSBFamily-327.4.0-log.dmg” from RapidShare.
  7. Intall IOUSBFamily-327.4.0.pkg from within the disk image
  8. Reboot your system!
  9. Reattach your USB peripherals.


  • PwnageTool 2.2.5 for Mac OSX is here SHA1 Sum – 8fe2f20c00f48b37d8262d6872a12166c6e165ba
  • QuickPwn 2.2.5 for Mac OSX is here SHA1 Sum – 2f1353242ef10dc408e95786643e497fcd04e4ea
  • QuickPwn 2.2.5 for Windows is here SHA1 Sum – <release deleted use 2.2.5-2 instead>
  • QuickPwn 2.2.5-2 for Windows is here SHA1 Sum – 82aae63218316af42e4fa20f8c69d9eb4fe9d4ee

Unofficial Mirrors

     The following links are unofficial download mirrors, you download these at your own risk, we accept no responsibility if your computer explodes or if it becomes part of a NASA attacking botnet or even worse. We do not check these links or archives and we accept no responsibility with regard to the validity of the files, or with other content these links provide or with the content that is on the linked site.  Always check the published SHA1 sums. We would prefer that you downloaded the official bittorrent release that is linked above, but you are welcome to try these if you really must.

Mac PwnageTool

Mac QuickPwn

Windows QuickPwn