There are cases for almost every form and fashion out there with the most common being the easily removable plastic shields.  These type of cases are favored because they can be removed at anytime, show the beauty of the iPhone, and aren’t usually all that bulky.  But there is now a new type of case, created by Element Case, that takes these normal everyday plastic enclosures to a whole new level.

     Element Case is the new iPhone protection device that stands out from all the rest for a number of reasons.  The Liquid model that I recently received is a plastic case held together with 4 screws and has a magnetic “flip” lid.  This lid ensures, unlike other cases, that the iPhone has 360° of protection while not in use.  Granted the ports on the iPhone are obviously exposed at all times, everything else remains covered. Their Alloy model appears to only differ by replacing all the plastic pieces of the Liquid model with metal counterparts which can only aid in the iPhone’s protection.  The lids however are always plastic and come in a variety of colors including, but not limiting to, red, green, orange, clear, and black.

     As if those features weren’t enough to get you interested, for a little extra you could have a custom engraving put on the back of the case!  As shown in the video, you can have a custom logo, phrase, or anything else you want put on the back to really make this case your own.  If you choose to go with the standard designs you still get to choose from a plethora of images to put on the case lid including tribal, frames, and a few Element Case logos. The engravings that are on the back and front of the case are of the highest quality.  I have an engraving background from a previous job and you rarely get quality of this caliber.

     The case retails for $99 for the Liquid, $149 for Alloy, and the cheapest custom case would be starting at $150.  They are currently selling a few limited edition cases on their website that are for Valentine’s Day, one titled Woody, as well as a Nickle Plated case. Although these cases are a little pricey they are just in range of other designer cases you will find.  There are a few out there that are made of leather, or are holsters, and can be very expensive but not have any true protection for your iPhone.  Which is why I like the Element Cases, because although they are expensive, they actually provide an amazing barrier between your iPhone and the outside world. So even if you drop or smash your iPhone, if it is in an Element Case, the chances that it will be damaged are minimal. So I definitely suggest dropping a little cash and getting this case to protect your already expensive investment!