New iPhone?


     The very first iPhone was released on June 29, 2007. Since then, Apple has improved the older iPhone model into a newer, sexier phone: the iPhone 3G. With the tapered edges and built-in GPS, users happily adapted to the new device. If you look at the frequency of newly released iPhones, it has so far, been once every year. Taking all of that into account, it wouldn’t be surprising for there to be another iPhone in this wonderful year of 2009.

    There has been plenty of speculation as to what a new iPhone’s design would be, including Gizmodo’s concept design (part of which is in the image above). While some think the new iPhone will have a slide-out keyboard that is unlike Apple’s normal style, while others suspect an iPhone Nano. You never know; we might just see an iPhone Nano with a slide-out keyboard before too long.

    The next generation iPhone might be closer than anyone suspected, because MacRumors has found evidence of a new iPhone in the 2.x firmware. The code you see in the image above is precisely where they found the evidence. After digging deep within, MacRumors discovered this code, and “iPhone2,1” implies the next generation iPhone. The first iPhone’s model number is “iPhone1,1”, while the iPhone 3G’s is “iPhone1,2”, therefore; “iPhone2,1” is very promising. Another little detail that might excite you is that the first iPod touch’s model number is “iPod1,1”, and the newer 2G iPod touch has “iPod2,1” as its model number. This makes it even more likely that “iPhone2,1” is actual evidence of the next generation iPhone. This gladdening discovery will probably halt some people’s iPhone 3G purchases, although, according to Phil Schiller, June is more likely to be the month of release.

     However there is something that might pose a problem. Apple created the “iPhone 3G Gift Card” not too long before Christmas of 2008, and we can’t be sure that Apple will honor one of those in the case of the next generation iPhone. Only time will tell….