Lamp Off Screenshot

     “A Light Genie comes down to challenge earthlings to a game of Lamp Off.” Developed by Thumb Country, Lamp Off is very challenging, entertaining, and is the type of game that really makes you think. With harder difficulty every increasing level, this game will become so hard it’s almost impossible to figure out. The objective of the game is simple: turn off the lights! Tapping a lit circle turns it off while tapping a non-lit circle turns it on. But the tricky part is, the circles (south, east, west, and north) around the circle you tapped, also get lit or turned off.

     Lamp Off has a grand total of 52 exciting levels to choose from. If you get stuck on a puzzle, you have the option to skip to any of the other levels. Also included are sound effects with every action you do. Tapping a circle emits a sound of a raindrop splashing. When completing a level, the female genie on the left will laugh and “Good Job!” will appear over the screen. Then you will be taken to the next level, which is even more challenging and complicated. There is an Options menu with Solve, Reset, Random, Level, and Help buttons. The Solve button is self-explanatory: the iPhone will solve the puzzle for you. Reset will restart the level. Random chooses any of the 52 levels for you to play. While the Help button shows game instructions.

      This game is perfect for kids AND adults guaranteeing hours of endless fun. Buy the application on the iTunes App Store for only $0.99. Hurry because it’s a limited time Martin Luther King Day sale, discounted from its original $2.99. It is compatiable with the iPhone/iPhone 3G/iPod touch/iPod touch 2G. You should also check out Thumb Country’s other games like Pipe Dream and Road to Whitehouse coming soon!

Lamp Off Game Instructions