Another developer released his own copy/paste app called hClipboard yesterday, that’s right ANOTHER copy/paste app. But KennyTM~ has taken a very different approach with his app as it is based on iKeyEx.

     It also seems to work on the principal that the keyboard has to be active to use it, but what is different is that hClipboard is an extension of the qwerty keyboard so you have to go to the Settings.app and open keyboards and then activate it, just as if it was an alternative international keyboard, then simply hit the globe icon with the keyboard open until the clipboard appears.

hClip2     Here you can see the hClipboard is active in the E-mail.app, again you must be replying to an E-mail to be able to get the text editing screen up.

     Down the right hand side you have the toolbar with various actions that you can perform, including, copy – start from here – end here – go to the beginning and got to the end.

     In the bottom left you can see a symbol that looks like an open book with an arrow, this changes from clipboard to templates. The main advantage with switching to templates is that it can hold an unlimited amount of copied text, when the clipboard is limited to only 10 and is mainly for use when entering serial numbers and other text that you only wish to use once.

     To paste a section of selected text that you have copied, simply select where you wish to paste and then click the entry on the clipboard, and it will appear.

hClip3      To delete items from the clipboard or templates area, you do the same action as many of the stock apps and swipe your finger from right to left and you will see the delete icon appear.

      To copy a portion of text you tap just before the first letter you want to start at until you see the blue cursor flashing, then tap “select from here”, this is the second symbol down on the right. Then navigate to where you want to end the copied text and click the top symbol, this is the copy button. You will see your text selection appear in the clipboard area.

     Like Clippy, you can still only paste into a text message and not copy from them. If you wish to copy text from the web in Safari, you must first save a bookmarklet for the particular site. The developer has not yet given instruction on how to do this but you can probably find out by searching the Internet.

     All in all, i think that hClipboard has a great user interface, and much better implementation as it can be switched off at any time by going to settings and deactivating the clipboard feature. As for its compatibility in conjunction with Clippy, I’m not sure. So far i have not found any bugs to speak of and it works great with BeeJive, no crashing at all.

     hClipboard is available through Cydia now for jailbroken iPhones and the developer states that it is for those running 2.2 firmware.