TalkMe is the very first text-to-speech application for the iPhone that reads your text messages and says them back to you in a very creepy male robotic voice.

     It includes a settings panel where you can choose and set your language by typing in the shortcode that represents it. The application supports a wide range of languages such as English, French, Italian, Spanish and so on. There is also a setting to only show unread messages so you can hear them as you read them for the first time, and also a setting for the speed at which the robotic voice reads them.

     Essentially it is a fun little app, especially for those very private messages or those that turn the air blue. Amazingly it is also very accurate, it seems to know when a question has been asked in the SMS as it changes the tone of the voice.

     If your looking at the image above and wondering why at the end of the message it says “Roman Twenty” then allow me to explain. If, like me, your girlfriend or boyfriend sends you countless messages with kisses at the end then you will find out what i mean. It interprets “xx” as the roman numeral for the number 20, and literally says just that at the end of the message!

     Well done to TeoG, the developer, for a great and entertaining app. It is available in Cydia now for jailbroken iPhones only.