Redsn0w FAQ

     Are all you 2G iPod touch users out there itching for a jailbreak, cause I know I am! Jailbreaking allows you to theoretically do what ever you please with your device. From customizing the look of your menus, springboard, and apps to adding a copy and paste feature. The fact that jailbreaking makes all of these things possible explains all the comments and questions on the Dev-Team’s 2G iPod touch jailbreak (Redsn0w) post. The Dev-Team has such a burden, and they don’t ask anything for it. In fact, they won’t accept donations.

     I don’t understand how people can say things to the Dev-Team like, “You guyz r lazy. Get the jailbreak out sooner!!” because the Dev-Team is not required to do all the work they do for us. Apparently I’m not the only one that feels compassionate for the Dev-Team, because they have exposed a PBwiki page created by Caleb Mingle where you can find accumulated frequently asked and answered questions taken from the discussions that go on within the Redsn0w post’s comments section.

    On Caleb’s Redsn0w FAQ PBwiki you will find questions and corresponding answers much like the following excerpt:

 Why can’t you release it now, what’s the problem?


This is what we’ve been looking for for the past couple of days…a way to compromise the system lower than the level we’re at, to break the tethering requirement.


If it takes too long to find (if we conclude that we’re “stuck”), then we’ll just release the tethered version and let you guys jump through the hoops needed to get it to work (and without us redistributing Apple software of course).


 But that would be a headache for everyone, so we’re looking for something a lot easier to use than that. – MuscleNerd


    If you’ve been yearning to ask Redsn0w questions, go ahead and hop on over to Caleb’s page as opposed to piling on more questions that the Dev-Team has most likely already heard. I’m glad there are people like Caleb in the world: those who watch the backs of selfless hackers like the Dev-Team.  I wish the Dev-Team had already released Redsn0w too, but all we can do is wait; nagging them won’t make them work any faster.