Live time

     The creator of Clippy, Ryan Petrich, has done it again. Just 24 hours after he released his ground breaking copy and paste application, he now presents LiveTime. LiveTime basically animates the current time on the stock clock icon on the SpringBoard, allowing it to continuously display and update right there on the icon itself.

     When you first install LiveTime it automatically animates the clock icon just like a real analogue clock face with the hour, minute and second hands. However, it overlays the animation onto the stock icon so you will notice that you can still see 10:15 on the icon(see image 1). Although that is not very practical it is easily fixed, all you need to do is open WinterBoard and you will see a new theme called LiveTime clock. Simply activate this and you get a nice looking black and white clock(see image 2). In addition to the original animated clock theme, four other clock background themes have been released, based around Rolex styles(see images 3-6).

     This could easily open up the possibility for other apps that update constantly, the Weather app for example, has been discussed as a potential project. LiveTime is available on Cydia for jailbroken iPhones only. We hope to see more from this creative developer in the future.