Many developers have written games, utilities, transfer programs, and many other tools. Now, Apple has gone to War. As you can see, an iPhone/iTouch is securely and protectively fastened to the side of that M10, which is the replacement for the M24 sniper Rifle used by our armed forces.

     This tricky bit of cross technology allows for the shooter to have your standard ballistics app which allows users to set firearm and ammunition profiles, then use this profile and enter info such as distance, wind direction, elevation and temperature. Essentially you have a sort of digital “Spotter” for that “One shot-one kill” capability. Created by Runaway Technology, Inc., the app is titled Bullet Flight, an external ballistics calculator for the iPod Touch and iPhone. Which in the hands of a trained sniper could make that one shot always dead on.

     The app is a bit costly on the app store at $11.99, but can you really put a price tag on keeping American lives safe?

Sourced from: The Firearms Blog