Cheap iPhone 3G in Austria

     T-Mobile has recently cut a break for potential 8GB iPhone 3G buyers in Austria, a country in Europe, with the purchase of a 2-year contract. The retail price for this new deal is ONLY €1 for the 8GB which is definitely something unexpected! €1 in Euros is approximately $1.30 in US dollars and for any cell phone, that is a huge bargain. It’s probably the cheapest iPhone 3G being sold by an authorized retailer. But the requirement for this cheap deal, is a €45 monthly service which is about $56.36. Even though, it is less costly than the cheapest AT&T iPhone plan in the US.

     But wait, there’s even more added savings. You get the first month absolutely free, plus no activation fee. Also if you add a “FairPlay” service, you get 6 months ABSOLUTELY free of charge. Lastly, if you switch from another cell service provider, they give you another bonus! This is crazy but if you add it all up, the total savings when you buy an iPhone, is a grand total of €121. Now that grand total doesn’t include the savings gained with the month(s) of free service. Roughly, the savings can be over $1000 (actual savings depend on service, fees, taxes, etc). The offer is only available online for an unknown increment of time.

     Now that leads current and future iPhone owners to question T-Mobile… Why on earth would they sell for so cheap WITH added discounts? Obviously they are trying to sell as many iPhones as possible. Either T-Mobile are willing to get rid of overstocked iPhone inventory so they get their hands on more customers. OR, preparing for another launch of a “new” iPhone. Apple has known to release new iPhones in increments of a year, the original iPhone in June 2007 and the iPhone 3G in July 2008. This means an upcoming iPhone Nano as stated in a previous article might be coming in Summer 2009, or maybe even an iPhone 4G (also known as an iPhone Pro). Nobody really knows for sure…

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