Dots The iPhone Glove

       Ever wanted to keep your gloves on AND use your iPhone? Well you can, and that’s where Dots: The iPhone Gloves come into play. In the freezing winter, most people want to stay as warm as they can. That means they are going to cover as much of their body with clothing as humanly possible. Scarves, jackets, hats, hoods, and of course, gloves, which is where the problem lies. Most women with long fingernails, probably already know that without using your fingertips, the touch screen won’t react to hardly anything. You see, the iPhone’s ingenious touch screen needs an electrical charge to function. So in the freezing temperatures of January, you hesitate to take your gloves off to use your iPhone.

Dots Sizes

     Dots are specifically designed gloves made especially to work with the iPhone’s touch screen. The dots are made out of nickle and brass which conducts electricity and are located on the tips of thumb and index finger so you can survive throughout the day in the shivering cold.  Currently they only have two cloth styles available, knit for $15 or wool for $20 and in large and medium sizes. Large is 8 inches from the base of the palm to the tip of the middle finger, while the medium size is just 7. I’ve e-mailed Chris Harrison, the maker of Dots, receiving a reply quoting, “…we get completely new revamped models in around February 25.”  So those of you who aren’t pleased or content with the selection of gloves they currently have, wait just a little longer. Soon they will have an extra large sizes, leather gloves, different colored dots, and etc as noted on their Answers page.

     They are highly proclaimed with many testimonials available on the Internet. Some of them include Forbes, Wired, New York Post, etc. If you don’t already own a pair, why don’t you go buy one or two on their website? If you’re not completely satisfied, any unused and undamaged gloves can be sent back for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. I hope everybody keeps warm during this cold, harsh, and snowy winter (well in most parts of the world).