If there is one thing that every iPhone owner has been waiting for, it has got to be the ability to copy and paste.

     As a rule, virtually every other smartphone on the market today has this function as standard, and it still baffles many as to why the most popular phone around doesn’t have this function. Well, as of yesterday morning, this dream was realized in the form of Clippy – a Cydia app that allows the user to indeed copy and paste between several apps.

     It is currently in beta stage, but impressive nonetheless. It seems to work quite well between the stock iPhone apps such as Mail, SMS, Notes and Safari. It also works on a few App Store apps, but remains a little buggy. One example of this is its compatibility with Beejive, which it seems to crash.

     The main obstacle in its present state is that you must have the text editor open for it to work, i.e. be writing a text message or an E-mail. In the example above we are applying copy and paste to an E-mail, for which you must first select “reply” so that the editor appears.

     There is another feature that some may see as a hindrance, whereas before you could drag your finger across a line of text to navigate from one end to the other, now it highlights the text for copying, but if you wish to overwrite a section of text you can highlight the desired section and simply continue typing and it will remove the highlighted segment.

     Overall it is a massive achievement in an area where Apple has so far failed to deliver, and although it needs to be developed further to achieve its full potential, it still remains the closest anyone has come to a viable copy/paste tool for the iPhone (web-apps aside).

     Credit to Ryan Petrich for his work on this app, and lets hope we see some exciting updates in the near future.