Many people have spent the money to get the glossy arrangement of plugs and wires, the Apple TVOut Cable, so they can watch videos from their iPhone on their television. I’ve heard complaints on various forums about the fact that Apple doesn’t let you view apps/games from your iPhone on a TV, and restricts it only to videos. Let’s say you’re playing Asphalt4: Elite Racing and you want to show off your mad racing skills to your buddies. Sure, it wouldn’t be that horrible to huddle together and have all your friends close by your side, but it’s always nice to see action on the big screen. With the lack of TVOut for apps, it seems you have a problem…

     But now Lance Fetters has developed and released TVOut for iPhone on BigBoss’ Repository. Just hop onto Cydia, with your jailbroken iPhone, and add “” as a source and then search for “TVOut”, which should bring it up ready for download.

     In the words of the developer, this app is a “work-in-progress”, so don’t expect it to be perfect! Springboard and statusbar display while on TVOut is currently disabled, and “certain OpenGL-based applications (such as Google Earth) do not display properly.” You have the option to set a JPEG background image, but according to Fetters, doing so will cause OpenGL-based apps not to work.

     If you are going to play your favorite game or app with TVOut, keep something in mind: there is currently no landscape mode support. But, luckily, Asphalt4 works in portrait mode, so you can still enjoy a wonderfully graphic racing game on the big screen! Hopefully landscape mode capability will soon be added to TVOut, because that would result in a huge opportunity for users!