Annoy-A-Teen is a fun and a neat little application available on the App Store. It’s function is to… well the name says it all, it “annoys teens.” The application has been on the App Store for about a month now for the usually low price of only $0.99. The app’s function is to emit a high frequency sound that most teenagers can hear, but inaudible to adults. Of course you have the option to change the frequencies to set values, and change the rhythm of it too. The reason for this is because as a person gets older, their sense of hearing gets weaker. Thus the teens get very annoyed while most adults won’t even hear a thing.

     The developer, Christopher Kemsley, found out that his application, had been pirated, or illegally cracked. The only way to get the cracked application, is by jailbreaking. It was cracked using an application called “Crackulous” which bypasses security measures on a IPA by utilizing the iPhone’s system code. Now Kemsley is considering pressing charges against the person behind distrubiting his application all over the internet. The cracker said that the only reason he cracked Annoy-A-Teen, is so that iPhone users can try the application before buying it. Chris replied, “Crackers shouldn’t be able to dictate or force us to have a trial version.” He has already contacted state authorities and the FBI even got involved. Apple has obviously been aware of cracked applications ever since firmware 2.0. They boast about their “secure” DRM which obviously isn’t so secure. They have failed to respond to any e-mails or repeated phone calls most likely due to the fact that they don’t want to mess with this whole ordeal.

      I hope those of you out there who support application cracking, learned a lesson. Nobody is safe if what they’re doing is illegal. Don’t use cracks as the developers spend countless hours to perfect an application. If you really like the application, go buy it. The iPhone is an expensive and highly advanced piece of equipment. You should have expected to pay some extra cash for more features/applications, like most of Apple’s products.