MotionXPoker 16/01/09

     With the holiday season that has come and gone, I had a little bit of spare money available to buy an app or two from iTunes. One of these being Motion X Poker, by MotionX, a poker game played using a set of 5 dice. Each round you play against the “dealer” and aim to finish the round with a better hand than him. In each round you will have 3 chances to roll the dice, which is done by shaking the iPhone itself, making handy use of the accelerometer feature.

     The dice, whilst being shaken or remaining static, are beautifully rendered, and come in a variety of different styles which can be unlocked by reaching a certain number of coins. Not only do the dice look fantastic, but also sound brilliant, as each specific design has its own crisp “clacking” noises depending on what the dice are made of. For example a set of wooden dice would make quite a different sound to those made of plastic or metal.

     To keep player’s interested there is also a “Gem” section, in which players earn gems by achieving high scores or winning a hand in certain ways. For example, you would earn the Amethyst badge by winning a hand with only one pair, or the Pearl gem for winning with the same hand twice consecutively. Although once earned the gems do nothing to alter the gameplay itself, they do give the player something to aim for, or can simply be used for bragging rights.

     Whilst some users may grow bored of Motion X Poker, this application should definitely be given a chance by many iPhone users as it delivers quick and easy gameplay for those on the go, as well as it’s brilliant sound and graphic performance.