After many months of speculation as to what Apple will include in their newest software update, it seems that will yet again not deliver what their customers ask for.

     Just a few days ago, it was disclosed that the 2.2.1 software for the iPhone and iPod Touch family of devices was in the final stages of testing. It is said to be released in the next few weeks. Also disclosed, was some of the new features that were to be included with it. Many of the details are vague, but essentially the 2.2.1 update doesn’t add much. Several bug fixes that most people won’t even notice have been added, such as the unusual slow syncing with Windows PC’s that are present in certain unusual configurations. There are slight changes to the text messaging interface as well as additional new e-mail support options that have been added for corporate users. There is also a new option being tested that would permit all e-mail messages to be deleted at once instead of the need to select them individually. In the 2.3 release, which has a release date that is unknown, you will be able to sync to iTunes via Bluetooth.