Do you all remember when an abundant quantity of iPod touch users were eagerly selling their first-generation iPod touches for the new second-generation? Not only did the price go down, external volume controls, speakers, and a smoother shape nearly made buying it a no-brainer. There weren’t many reasons not to buy one, and many people received a 2G (second generation) iPod touch for Christmas.

    There is a problem with this device, however. Apple’s iPod touch straight out of the box is very closed and limited. The ability to add a wallpaper behind your icons or other ‘standard’ features wasn’t available. That is, until the Dev-Team came to the rescue. The 1G iPod touch had the Dev-Team’s jailbreak in no time, and people were downloading it all over. When the 2G iPod touch came out, people assumed that the Dev-Team would hop right onto its jailbreak. However, this was not the case. For the longest time, only one member of the Dev-Team actually has a 2G iPod touch.

   It looks like the 2G iPod touch jailbreak may be well on its way, because in Dev-Team’s latest post, they revealed Redsn0w’s website. In their post, they inform us that Redsn0w is not 3G iPhone related, but rather, “…another device… It fits in your pocket.” In addition, MuscleNerd, an acclaimed Dev-Team member, replied to a subscriber’s comment by saying that Redsn0w is actually 2G iPod touch related.

     In the top-left corner of that colorfully interesting image on, “32957a35889c4dd2f8dfe483dd9023eafb6ba22” is inscribed. According to MuscleNerd, it’s a “…hash of decrypted iBoot for ipt2g (length=0x29000).”, which is unattainable other than via a 2G iPod touch exploit. This is good news, and I believe that finding an exploit is the biggest step in jailbreaking the 2G iPod touch.

    Due to this exciting discovery, the Dev-Team is most likely übermotivated to jailbreak Apple’s latest iPod touch, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s released by the end of the month!