Apple’s 2.2 iPhone firmware added some cool new features to the iPhone like Google Street View and the ability to download podcasts. Soon after the new firmware was released, the Dev-Team had it jailbroken. However, while QuickPwn was released for both Mac and PC, PwnageTool was only available for Mac Users. PwnageTool let’s you create a custom .ipsw firmware file with your custom settings and boot logo available for you to sync up any time. Using PwnageTool makes restoring less of a hassle for jailbreakers, because you are not required to “quickpwn” you device whenever it’s restored. The SHIFT+CLICK method of restoring your device with a custom firmware file made life abundantly simpler. The Microsoft Windows version of PwnageTool for previous firmwares was dubbed “WinPwn”, but for firmware 2.2, there is no such thing.

     PC users were bummed out when they found out that the Dev-Team didn’t create a PwnageTool  for them, but, in fact, they had no need to lose hope. It just so happens that dfrnt has been working on Jailbird, but hasn’t released it yet. Jailbird will supposedly be the equivalent of WinPwn for 2.2 firmwares, creating a PwnageTool option for Windows users.

     The Dev-Team might beat them to it and make a PC-compatible PwnageTool (WinPwn) for 2.2 first, but only time will tell. If Apple updates the iPhone firmware, it’ll change everything, and everyone will be starting new projects (especially the Dev-Team).